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Biggest Country Albums of The Year

Posted on 03 January 2013 by Bill West

Taylor Swift Red2012 was another big year for country music.   The Billboard Year End Rankings just came out and although Adele’s 21 grabbed the best selling number one slot for the second year in a row (a record feat) the top ten was chock full of Nashville brewed country.

Taylor Swift makes the cut at number two with Red.  Swift has made the year end list three other times in 2008, 2009, and 2010.

One Direction, Mumford and Sons and Justin Bieber round out the top six (One Direction has 2 albums in the mix) but the rest of the top ten is all country.

Arista Records

Arista Records

Carrie Underwood continues to “blow away” sales numbers with her latest effort which ends 2012 with 1.2 million units in sales, followed by Luke Bryan’s Tailgates and Tanlines, and the underrated “Tuskeegee” collection of duets from Lionel Richie with 1.07 million.  Jason Aldean’s recent release of Night Train took only a few months to sneak into the number ten slot with 1.2 million in sales.

night trainThis was a significant showing for country according to  They state that previously the country genre has only claimed up to four slots and you have to go back to 2002 and 1992 for those successes.

Taylor Swift starts the new year with a number one week with Red topping the Billboard 200 all genres Album chart.

The full year end stats are available at

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Swift Announces 2013 Tour

Posted on 27 October 2012 by editor

Three nights in Nashville… BIG Stadiums… a Washington DC run. Taylor Swift announced to Katie Couric on ABC that she will be heading out on a 2013 Tour. The Red tour will accompany the smash CD/album by the same name.

It’s not a huge surprise but it is a highly anticipated announcements as the tickets will hit the box offices on November 16th.

Her biggest challenge is to live up to her stellar Speak Now Tour that wowed fans and critics alike.

Taylor Swift 2013 Red Tour Dates:

3/13 – Omaha, Neb.
3/14 – Omaha, Neb.
3/18 – St. Louis, MO.
3/19 – St. Louis, MO.
3/22 – Charlotte, N.C.
3/23 – Columbia, S.C
3/27 – Newark, N.J.
3/28 – Newark, N.J.
3/29 – Newark, N.J.
4/10 – Miami, Fla.
4/11 – Orlando, Fla.
4/12 – Orlando, Fla.
4/18 – Atlanta, Ga.
4/19 – Atlanta, Ga.
4/20 – Tampa, Fla.
4/25 – Cleveland, Ohio
4/26 – Indianapolis, Ind.
4/27 – Lexington, KY
5/4 – Detroit, Mich.
5/7 – Louisville, KY
5/ 8 – Columbus, Ohio
5/11 – Washington, D.C.
5/12 – Washington, D.C.
5/16 – Houston, TX
5/21 – Austin, TX
5/22 – San Antonio, TX
5/25 – Dallas, TX
5/28 – Glendale, Ariz.
5/29 – Glendale, Ariz.
6/1 – Salt Lake City, Utah
6/2 – Denver, CO
6/15 – Toronto, Ontario
6/22 – Winnipeg, MA
6/29 – Vancouver, B.C.
7/6 – Pittsburgh, PA
7/20 – Philadelphia, PA
7/27 – Foxborough, Mass.
8/1 – Des Moines, Iowa
8/2 – Kansas City, MO
8/3 – Kansas City, MO
8/6 – Wichita, KS
8/7 – Tulsa, Okla.
8/10 – Chicago, Ill.
8/15 – San Diego, Calif.
8/19 – Los Angeles, Calif.
8/20 – Los Angeles, Calif.
8/27 – Sacramento, Calif.
8/30 – Portland, OR
8/31 – Tacoma, Wash.
9/6 – Fargo, ND
9/7 – St. Paul, MN
9/8 – St. Paul, MN
9/12 – Greensboro, N.C.
9/13 – Raleigh, N.C.
9/14 – Charlottesville, VA
9/19 – Nashville, Tenn.
9/20 – Nashville, Tenn.
9/21 – Nashville, Tenn.

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Swift Video – Begin Again

Posted on 26 October 2012 by editor

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Taylor Swifts Secrets of Success

Posted on 22 October 2012 by Bill West

Swift On Tour


Taylor Swift has sometimes been seen as an overnight success.   From pre-teen to CMA Award winner.  To music industry followers that assumption is relative.  Her first radio single (Tim McGraw) was released in 2006 and there was a lot of planning and set up years before that.

Swift, like all artists and superstars, has had her fair share of luck.  But Swift has parlayed those breaks into a multimedia success story and lifestyle brand that is as strong as Disney.

Swift attached herself to other great brands.   Country music was just a start.  She quickly release one of her first singles as almost an homage to “Tim McGraw.”  The song did well but more importantly it gave other country stars something to attach to.  Plus she shrewdly made the connection an event when she  performed the song on the Country Music Awards with McGraw in the front row.   On Network television she wrapped up the performance square in front of the star on the theatre floor and extended a humle introductio, “Hi I’m Taylor.”   It was not only a bold move, even risky, but it also created water cooler talk for days.    Showmanship at it’s best.   Swift was also an early opener on a George Strait tour that would put her front and center before some traditional country fans.   Later, on her 2012 “Speak Now” Tour she enlisted A-list stars like Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Ronnie Dunn, Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw, and Darius Rucker to further attach herself to other superstars (granted by 2012 her star was shining brighter than even her guests).

Swift has always made it a point to write what she knows.   Life as a teen and young adult was not a common theme in country music.  Still isn’t.  But the combination of honest lyrics and hooky arrangements made her someone everyone wanted to hear and relate to.

Taylor Swift RedShe is a total tease.   Yes, she admits her songs are about real breakups, relationships, and – gasp – celebrity boys.  But she won’t divulge the names or the details.  Fans get to comb over the lyrics and try to piece together the storyline.  It’s pop culture crack for a TMZ generation.  John Mayer, Taylor Laughtner,  Her latest Kennedy family romance (with Conor Kennedy) is the latest in her water cooler marketing happenings.  It has helped fuel pre launch interest in 2012’s “Red” album.

Swift is a social media maven.  She was an early adopter of MySpace and  Twitter where she cultivated a fanbase of millions. Almost 20 million Twitter followers at last count.

There is no secret recipe to Swifts success other than writing and composing important songs that stand the test of time.  That she has revealed as a gift to fans and has proven to be the most important tool in her pink tool box.

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Red Means GO for Taylor Swift

Posted on 22 October 2012 by Bill West

Taylor Swift

This is a big day for Taylor Swift fans.  Her highly anticipated fourth studio album is released Today and Taylor has a huge lineup of appearances:

First she takes her Facebook and Twitter ‘followers’ and allows a few to literally ‘follow’ her around New York during release week. In exchange, the lucky fans will post live updates to their social sites.

Also watch for her live on ABC’s Good Morning America. Then she’s BACK at GMA on October 23 and will also be the first guest and perform on David Letterman. The next day she visits The View and on the 25, Taylor returns to the always hysterical Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The roadshow continues on October 26 Taylor will be a guest on Katie with Katie Couric and that same night at 8p|7c, fans can catch part two of Taylor’s interview withGreat American Country. One hour later at 9p|8c, Taylor, and other stars, will appear on ABC’s All Access Nashville with Katie Couric.

There’s more…. it will also be “Taylor Swift Week” on Entertainment Tonight. Access Hollywood, E! News and Extra will air interviews with Taylor during release week as well.

Plus, she’ll sit down for a live Q&A session with an audience at the SiriusXM studios in New York City on October 22 at 2p|1c for SiriusXM’s “Town Hall with Taylor Swift.” She’ll also visit Scholastic’s New York headquarters to take part in a special literacy event for the company’s “Read Every Day” campaign.

Once Taylor wraps her New York media events, she’ll return to Nashville for the “Taylor Swift Worldwide Radio Remote” presented by Papa John’s on October 26 with 72 stations broadcasting live from Music City, including stations from South Africa and New Zealand.

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New Taylor Never Ever Ever Video

Posted on 31 August 2012 by editor

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