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Jason Aldean – Night Train Review

Posted on 16 October 2012 by Bill West

night train

Hold on to sumthin.  Jason Aldean‘s street cred is about to take off more like a rocket instead of a “Train”.  But his latest album -Night Train ( out everywhere now) is apt to surprise and get the attention of any remaining non believers.

Like other mainstream country stars in the past (Kenny Chesney, even Conway Twitty) Aldean has never really been  embraced as a critic’s artist and – probably because of the hat – Big New York media don’t “get him” — yet.   That should chance this week as Night Train is due for a massive release.     Unintentional buzz from TMZ plus a solid iTunes free listen (another opportunity radio just lost ) and a multiple week radio hit (Take A Little Ride) have set Aldean up for the biggest first week album sales of his career.

And the album is GOOD.    There’s a solid layer of the mainstream power country that has become his trademark (Feel That Again) plus surprising jaunts back into the spoken word (some say rap) songs.    Older country fans will get a kick out of the hilarious “1994” a tribute to Joe Diffie of sorts.   Younger fans may decide to Google Diffie and discover some of the 90’s biggest hits.

Another buzz cut is “That’s The Only Way I Know” where Aldean recruits the red hot Eric Church and Luke Bryan to create something bigger than just a song.   Watch for Vocal event buzz.

Fifteen tracks deep there is a lot to feed the radio and the tour (announcement on 10/18?) machine.   The usual midtempo Aldean tunes sound almost perfected on this album and there are also some riskier tracks like Black Tears (yeah a stripper song).

Aldean is a true original and the stars are aligning to create another country superstar that is cool and bad-ass enough to cross over to pop and rock fans.


Grade:  A

Don’t Miss: 1994 (We’re ready for the “club” mix now thank you.)

Jason Aldean “Night Train” Track List

1. This Nothin’ Town (Busbee/Neil Thrasher/Wendell Mobley)
2. When She Says Baby (Rhett Akins/Ben Hayslip)
3. Feel That Again (Thrasher/Mobley/Vicky McGehee)
4. Wheels Rollin’ (Thrasher/Mobley/Hillary Lindsey)
5. Talk (Thrasher/Mobley)
6. The Only Way I Know (with Luke Bryan and Eric Church) (David Lee Murphy/Hayslip)
7. Take A Little Ride (Dylan Altman/Rodney Clawson/Jim McCormick)
8. I Don’t Do Lonely Well (Thrasher/Tom Shapiro/Chuck Wicks)
9. Night Train (Thrasher/Michael Dulaney)
10. 1994 (Rhett/Luke Laird/Barry Dean)
11. Staring At The Sun (Thrasher/Mobley/Tony Martin)
12. Drink One For Me (Thrasher/Mobley/Martin)
13. Black Tears (Canaan Smith/Tyler Hubbard)
14. Walking Away (David Lee Murphy/Rodney Clawson)
15. Water Tower (Jason Sellers/Paul Jenkins/Dulaney)


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