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Hottest Shania Twain Videos Top Five

Posted on 05 June 2011 by editor

shania memoirShania Twain is on the edge of a comeback… she’s launched a new psuedo-reality show… released a best selling memoir and now there’s rumors of a Vegas show and new music. ┬áSo Country Songs Online deccided this is the perfect time to ogle some classic Shania video and remind ourselves just how much of a knockout she was – and still is.

The countdown begins with number five… – “Getcha Good” was never my favorite song but she had me at the skin tight black bodysuit…

Number Four This was just released and is shocking to us just how great she looks after being out of the spotlight for so long. Music’s good too…

Number Three – Shania on horseback… The Woman In Me was never a radio hit but the video sure makes a splash…

Number Two – Man I feel like A Woman

Number One – That Don’t Impress Me Much. Two words: Leopard Print.

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