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Eric Church Lyrics Make Country Rock

Posted on 30 October 2012 by editor

Eric Church / Flickr:Melanies_clicks

Eric Church is one of the biggest names in Country Music and Song these days.   His lyrics make country fans think.  His albums are selling platinum, and his radio songs are beginning to hit number one on a consistent basis.  The CMA Awards are sure to come.

Church didn’t have such a blazing hot start.  North Carolina native Kenneth Eric Church and was signed to Capitol Records Nashville he built his base at a slow and steady pace.   In 2006, when he was first signed to his record deal  he released “How ‘Bout You” to lukewarm response.  The country song with lyrics about good ole boy country music with a Waylon back beat and swagger peaked at #14 on the Country charts.  The other two songs released from his debut album “Sinners Like Me” stalled in the teens.

Still, Church was building a ground swell of fans diligently working clubs and doing dynamic shows that his core audience got addicted to.  The combination of lyrics with attitude and punchy production (thanks in part to the talented Jay Joyce) was beginning to gel.

With the release of  the album “Carolina” radio was slowly paying attention.  But only enough to get him a few unenthusiastic top tens.   The last release from “Carolina” was one that may not have charted that high but became a true hit for Church.  “Smoke A Little Smoke,” sounded different on the radio.  It got attention and became a signature song in rowdy live shows.

In 2008 he married Kathrine Blassingame and together on 10/3/11 they welcomed baby Boone.

With the length of time it takes for country songs to work through the radio system “Smoke A Little Smoke” was building it’s own fan base and peaking the interest of radio when it was time to release “Homeboy” another polarizing but dynamic song that had a viral effect on listeners.  The one two punch of Smoke and Homeboy clicked with fans and his subsequent release of the album “Chief” was explosive.

Chief debut at number one on the Billboard all genre charts.  A feat that gets attention in Nashville as well as the entire music industry.

The 145 thousand unit first week sent him to the “next level” in country.  The songs that followed “Drink In My Hand‘” and “Springsteen,” (a song touted by Rolling Stone Magazine as a single of the year in 2011 – before it was named as a sing) locked in number one status.

He has been nominated for five 2012 CMA Awards and appears on Jason Aldean’s new album Night Train in the song “The Only Way I Know.”

Church has announced plans to take time off from studio albums to instead tour and release a LIVE album in 2013.  His Blood Sweat and Beers Tour is already selling out large arenas and it’s clear that that the Erich Church story is just beginning.


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