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Aldean Rocks the Night Train – Free Concert

Posted on 10 November 2012 by editor

Jason Aldean marks the success of his new studio album with an electrifying live performance of new music.  Aldean is without a doubt one of the new superstars in country music.  Aldean says “The wide range of music I grew up listening to probably has a lot to do with the way I go about making music. My parents listened to a lot of country music. I loved country music, but I always loved different stuff too. I always thought great music was great music; I really didn’t care what genre it came out of.”

He connects like never before thanks to his connection with influences and by going with his gut “If I like the song and think it’s cool, I wanna cut it. Whatever happens to it from there on out is kinda outta my hands. All I can do is go and cut songs that I want on my record. It’s never been something that we’ve tried to force and prove a point.”

But don’t just compare the new “Night Train” stuff to “My Kinda Party.”  “What I hope is people listen to this record and don’t compare it to THAT album. It’s a completely different thing. This ‘Night Train’ album is an album that we had two years to go out and find songs for, plenty of time to go in the studio. We spent more time making this record than we have any other album. I feel like we have some of the best songs we’ve ever had on this record.”

Jason Describes His Music as “… a little bit raw. It’s not so perfect. It’s not pro-tooled to death. I’ve never wanted my records to sound like everybody else in Nashville.”

Take a look as his intimate yet powerful performance – a freebie from Walmart.

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