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Aldean and Scotty Shocking Debuts

Posted on 25 October 2012 by editor

night train
Big week for country music on the Billboard charts as Jason Aldean and Scotty McCreery launch jaw dropping first week album sales.

Aldean was expected to post heady numbers for first week sales of “Night Train,” featuring the multi week number one radio hit “Take A Little Ride.”   The album walks in at #1 Billboard 200 and #1 Country with over 400,000 copies sold.  For Broken Bow Records – an independent label – this is akin to hitting the jackpot.  However Aldean’s talent and career development are a testament to the feat being mostly hard work and talent over any luck.

McCreery can also add a number one feather to his hat with the debut of “Christmas with Scotty McCreery” hitting number one on the Billboard Seasonal Album Charts.   He also will surprise many as next in line after Aldean on the Country Album chart.  McCreery is number 2 with  41,000 copies sold to kick off a busy holiday season of appearances (including one brilliant booking on QVC).  Blake Shelton also has a high Profile Christmas CD competing with McCreery.

Christmas With Scotty McCreery


Just last October McCreery solidified his staying power with an all genres #1 first week with almost 200,00 sold of his debut album “Clear As Day,”  (now Platinum).

Now all eyes will be on Taylor Swift as she is expected to break records with her unmatched launch of “Red” her fourth studio album.

Let the Christmas shopping begin.

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