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Dierks Bentley Swigs a NEW Album

Posted on 28 July 2012 by editor


Award winning singer/songwriter Dierks Bentley is raising a glass to the end of summer with the release of a four song EP titled COUNTRY & COLD CANS at iTunes on Aug. 21. Produced by Jaren Johnston, the EP was inspired by the crowd-favorite title track and tour by the same name that recently wrapped legs in the U.S., Canada and Australia.

With the help of college students, Bentley will kick tailgating season off at three SEC campuses to celebrate the new music in a limited COUNTRY AND COLD CANS: BACK TO COLLEGE TOUR with special guest, The Cadillac Black. The tour begins at The University of Georgia (8/20) and continues to The University of South Carolina (8/21) and culminates in The Grove at The University of Mississippi (8/22). Tickets are available to fan club members beginning today and the general public on Friday beginning at 10:00A ET, for ticket information visit Dierks.com.

“We thought we’d celebrate the end of summer and back to school with an EP of new material that’s about cutting loose…it was really inspired by how young and crazy the fans on the Country & Cold Cans Tour were earlier this year,” said Bentley. “I’ve written a lot with Jaren, and we thought it would be fun to get the guys in my band and a couple of cases of beer and go see what happens in the studio. I’m really happy with the tracks, and I think our crowd will dig it.”


1. Country & Cold Cans

2. Grab A Beer

3. Back Porch

4. Summer On Fire

5. Tip It On Back

For a preview of the new music from the recording studio, visit: www.dierks.com/videos/countryandcoldcansep

Bentley’s current sixth studio album HOME debuted at No. one on Billboard Country Albums chart earlier this year and has already earned three No. one hits at country radio “Am I The Only One,” “Home” and “5-1-5-0” for a career total of 10 No. one hits as an artist and songwriter. For more information and for a full list of upcoming tour dates, visit www.dierks.com.

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Posted on 22 July 2012 by editor

NASHVILLE, TN – (July 19, 2012) – On September 18th, 2012, Grammy-Award winner Dwight Yoakam will release his first all new studio album in seven years, 3 Pears (Warner Bros. Records).  The 12-track release, his 26th, is produced by Yoakam, along with two songs co-produced with Beck; “A Heart Like Mine” and “Missing Heart” (full track listing below). Fans can hear a teaser of the track, “Trying,” now on Yoakam’s newly launched website www.DwightYoakam.com.

3 Pears exemplifies Yoakam’s ability to incorporate multiple, competing influences into a piece of cohesive art. It balances his country core with a fiercely independent embrace of rock, Americana, pop and soul and builds on his trademark edginess with a notable, growing positivity. 3 Pearscontains heartfelt love songs, which showcase Yoakam’s authentic country vocals while maintaining his unmistakable classic sound.

One of the most respected singer-songwriters in music, Yoakam has sold more than 25 million albums, has 12 gold albums and nine platinum or multi-platinum albums, including the triple platinum “This Time”.  Five of his albums have topped Billboard’s Country Albums chart with another fourteen landing in the Top 10.  More than 30 singles have charted, with 22 Top 20 hits, which include “Honky Tonk Man,”  “Please Please Baby,” “Little Ways,” “I Sang Dixie,” “It Only Hurts When I Cry,” “Fast as You” and “Thousand Miles from Nowhere.”  Yoakam has won two GRAMMY Awards and earned an impressive 21 nominations.

Yoakam will be honored by the Academy of Country Music with the Cliffie Stone Pioneer Award at the 6th Annual ACM Honors event on September 24th in Nashville.  The prestigious Award honors individuals who are pioneers in the country music genre.  Past recipients include Johnny Cash, Garth Brooks, Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, Hank Williams, Sr. and Hank Williams, Jr. Yoakam also recently narrated the current exhibit at The Country Music Hall of Fame® and Museum; The Bakersfield Sound:  Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, and California County, showing through the end of next yearThe exhibit explores the roots, heyday and impact of the Bakersfield Sound, the loud, stripped-down and radio-ready music most closely identified with the careers of Country Music Hall of Fame members Buck Owens and Merle Haggard.

For more official Dwight Yoakam information go to www.dwightyoakam.com.

Dwight Yoakam’s 3 Pears Track Listing: 

1. Take Hold Of My Hand

2. Waterfall

3. Dim Lights, Thick Smoke

4. Trying

5. Nothing But Love

6. It’s Never Alright

7. A Heart Like Mine

8. Long Way To Go

9. Missing Heart

10. 3 Pears

11. Rock It All Away

12. Long Way To Go (Reprise)

For more information on Dwight Yoakam, please visit www.DwightYoakam.com or www.facebook.com/dwightyoakam

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Join The Club – Free

Posted on 06 July 2012 by Bill West


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Zac Brown Band – Uncaged Album Review

Posted on 06 July 2012 by editor

zac brown band uncagedZac Brown Band steps out and dares to be different in many ways with the new album “Uncaged.”    Everything from the trippy album cover art to the daring song choices screams different.   But these guys have always been a bit differernt. Jumps right in with Jump right in… “Let the music pull you in” with samba and reggae influences it sounds un-country until about halfway thru when a fiddle mixes in.  It’s another brilliant example of the Band expanding the boundaries of what is a modern country sound.

The title track Uncaged breaks through with a blast of energetic southern rock.  Goodbye in her Eyes delivers the softer more mainstream side of Brown with a dependable dose of band harmony.  It’s a vibe that started with previous albums The Foundation and You Get What You Give.

Brown describes The Wind as a barn burner and it’s going to be a fantastic show live with all the intsrumental talents of the band challenged in the speed department.  Don’t miss the hysterical Mike Judge video.  Maybe too bluegrass for mainstream country fans but it’s likely to bend ears to it’s favor.  Island Song does the same for reggae steeped country while delivering the expected ZBB beach flavor.

Sweet Annie feels like a more radio friendly re-visit of Jolene (from the first album).  And Overnight delves into a surprising retro soul vibe that totally works.  Love the horns.

Fans may wonder  who is Lance from Lance’s song? Lance’s song is a somber tribute to Atlanta drummer Lance Tilton.   Tilton was killed in a crar crash in 2010.

  1. Jump Right In
  2. Uncaged
  3. Goodbye In Her Eyes
  4. The Wind
  5. Island Song
  6. Sweet Annie
  7. Natural Disaster
  8. Overnight (featuring Trombone Shorty)
  9. Lance’s Song
  10. Day That I Die (with Amos Lee)
  11. Last But Not Least
Uncaged is another sellar release from The Zac Brown Band with a wide swath of musical choices from every corner of the band’s talent treasure chest.

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Robo Redneck Zac Brown

Posted on 06 July 2012 by editor

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Alan Jackson – Singer Of Simple Songs

Posted on 06 July 2012 by editor

EMI Record's Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson: A Real Country Music Singer Who Keeps the Traditional Style Shining Bright

By Paul Romaine

Like a lot of artists Alan Jackson worked at various jobs before getting the break he needed to start in earnest his singing career.

In the past you might recall how we’ve discussed Fate and the role it plays in the grand scheme of things. It was the thing that helped Kris Kristofferson to get recognition for his talent as a songwriter.

Kris was working as a sweeper at Sun records and Johnny Cash was doing some recording work there. Kris was told not to bother Johnny in regards to some songs he had written but after some attempts to do just that without success, Fate intervened.

Kris was persistent in his determination and due to some unusual circumstances he met Johnny at Johnny’s home. When he did so Kris told Johnny how he was a struggling songwriter and asked if Johnny would take a look at a song that he wrote. Johnny said he would and Kris finally heard from him a period of weeks later. The song was “Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down” and it became a big hit for Johnny and Kris. Most assuredly Fate had it destined to happen that way.

Alan’s big break came while he was working in the mail room at the Nashville Network’s television offices. His wife Denise saw Glen Campbell at an airport and approached him. She told him that her husband was a singer and was there anyone Glen could recommend to help Alan get a footing in the business. Glen gave her a business card of one of his associates and told her to contact that person. This incident of Fate was the thing that began Alan’s journey into the world of music success.

As a singer Alan has had many accomplishments some of which are unique. For one thing he has steadfastly refused to veer away from traditional country music. The hard-driving guitar and drum beats that many current country singing stars use will not be showing through in Alan’s music. Besides that, he chooses songs that are well written both lyrically and musically.

As an artist Alan Jackson defies the norm as he cranks out hit after hit of traditional country music. There is a segment of Country Music fans that feel the older style traditional country music is lost. They feel that no one in the past decade plus has recorded anything comparable to the Nashville Sound that was so prevalent in the 1970s, 1980s and early 1990s. Their one stalwart friend in this mission is Alan Jackson.

Another thing is Alan’s voice. Quite often in the music business artists that have good speaking voices are not very good singers and artists that are good singers do not generally have good speaking voices. Alan’s is unique in that his singing voice is commercial and smooth and his speaking voice is soft and relaxing. Another singer who had that type of voice was Jim Reeves. Overall though, it is quite rare for one to have both of those combined traits.

Some of my favorite Alan Jackson songs are romantic ballads such as “I’d Love You All Over Again” and “Here in the Real World,” also up-tempo songs such as “Chattahoochee” and “Mercury Blues.” His patriotic song “Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)” was to honor all of those that lost their lives on 9/11. It is a song that we have as a reminder to never, ever forget the tragedy and who was responsible for that sad day.

Added to the above diversity was Alan’s first gospel music album titled “Precious Memories” which won rave reviews. He recorded it as a favor for his mother. She had asked him to do a recording of some of those wonderful religious songs from his early years while growing up in Georgia.

Lastly, Alan wrote a song about his wife’s bout with cancer titled “When I Saw you Leaving (For Nicey).” It is the last song on his most recent album titled Thirty Miles West. Fortunately Denise has been cancer free for a year.

The best way I can sum up the story about this multi-talented country artist is to say Long Live traditional country music. For all the wonderful music that Alan has given us the very least we can do is to say a prayer for Denise’s good health and him. We are so lucky to have this good man and extraordinary singer as a representative of our beloved music industry.

I’m Paul Romaine and the host of http://SingersandMusiciansTalentSearchRadio.com. Our philosophy is to have a venue where singers and musicians can showcase their work. Rather than just having one winner from all of the applicants, there will be many applicants that get to have their work submitted and recognized permanently on our site.

Also feel free to visit me at my other Music site http://PaulRomaine.com where romantic music and ballads along with soft spoken romance is shown. There are podcasts and commentaries that are shown here and in iTunes.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Paul_Romaine



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