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Keith Urban Is a New Voice Coach

Posted on 09 February 2012 by editor

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Dierks and Daughter

Posted on 07 February 2012 by editor

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Home – Dierks Bentley Album Review

Posted on 07 February 2012 by editor

Dierks Bentley returns to mainstream country with a sharp new album titled after the bells ringing’ inspirational – custom made to sync with this year’s fireworks on the 4th of July –  hit Home.    The new release follows Bentley’s 2010 bluegrass effort Up on the Ridge.    Critically acclaimed but not radio friendly.

Conversely Home has alot for conrey radio to love.  He arrives at release day with two big hits baked in.  The party anthem Am I The Only One as well as the patriotic Home.    There’s more to come on the collection too.  Breathe You In is perfect for his smitten female fans and 5150 is just silly enough to be really memorable.   Bluegrass fans will appreciate the jangle in Heart Of A Lonely Girl and country loving parents will melt when they heard Dierk’s daughter’s voice on Thinking of You (keep listening to the end).

Home is a winner and Dierks is back to lead the new country pack.

Here’s the track by Track:

1. “Am I The Only One”Home Album Cover

2. “Gonna Die Young”

3. “Tip It On Back”

4. “Home”

5. “Diamonds Make Babies”

6. “In My Head”

7. “Breathe You In”

8. “The Woods”

9. “When You Gonna Come Around”

10. “5-1-5-0″

11. “Heart of a Lonely Girl”

12. “Thinking of You”

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