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Drink In My Hand – Eric Church

Posted on 27 September 2011 by editor

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Take A Back Road – Rodney Adkins CD Review

Posted on 19 September 2011 by editor

Rodney Atkins is building a house.  Brick by brick, big hit by by hit he’s becoming a country mainstay.  It’s tricky work in the fickle world of country music where they want something different yet shun anything too different.  Atkins (nod ADkins) has generated a powerful set list.   It started back in 2003 with the top five charting Honesty (write me a list).  A few more years and a few more BIG songs like If You’re Going Through Hell, Watching You, These Are My People, It’s America, Farmer’s Daughter and now a modern sounding feel good title track “Take A Back Road.”

  1. Take a Back Road
  2. He’s Mine
  3. Family
  4. The Corner
  5. She’s a Girl Ain’t She
  6. She’s Rather Fight
  7. Feet
  8. Cabin In The Woods
  9. Just Wanna Rock N’ Roll
  10. Growing Up Like That
  11. Tips
  12. Lifelines
  13. (Bonus) Farmer’s Daughter
Overall this, his fourth album (not counting a Cracker Barrel compilation) really delivers what his fans want.  Atkins pulled in mainly other writers to deliver songs that talk directly to the core country fan’s life.   Fatherly country good guy is his brand and he wears it well.
Overall Grade: B
Don’t Miss: The clever married couple fight song “Feet”

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Own The Night Video

Posted on 12 September 2011 by editor

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Lady A – Own The Night Review

Posted on 12 September 2011 by editor

“Tell me have you ever wanted Someone so much it hurts? Your lips keep trying to speak But you just can’t find the words…” – We Owned The Night

So album three begins for Lady Antebellum… the name long since shortened by most to just Lady A… a trio that has accomplished an unusual feat in country music:  they crossed over and have a comfortable foot planted in modern Adult Contemporary music and another foot still proudly planted in the Country arena.  The new album is once again produced by Paul Worley (Dixie Chicks).

Charles Kelly, Dave Haywood (both from Augusta, GA) and Hillary Scott (daughter or country queen Linda Davis a Nashville native) have come up with a solid third offering that will please fans of the incomparable “Need You Now.”

The group – in one combination or another – had a hand in writing every song except two on “Own The Night”… including the sounds like a beer commercial tagline title track.

The first single, “Just A Kiss,” has already popped to number one on Country Radio and is getting solid AC radio play too.

The big question for the trio is can this album come close to satisfying a world of show business that always wants bigger hits and more sales.    The last album was a phenominon – primarily thanks to the mega hit title track  Need You Now.

That album went on to debut with first week sales of over 480,000.   Something only matched by Taylor Swift these days.

Although we wish there was a few more fun tempo tracks there is plenty for NYN fans to enjoy on Own the Night. The Charles and Hillary harmonies soar as usual and the jangly intrumentation is still distinctly country enough to remain the pride of Nashville.  Although the trio dips into some very modern sounds – like on the rich “Somewhere Love Remains” – they still sound mainstream country.  They are one of the few contemporary country acts that could sell in a Starbucks.

Own The Night / Lady Antebellum

Own The Night Track Listing:

1. ‘We Owned the Night
2. ‘Just a Kiss’
3. ‘Dancin’ Away With My Heart’
4. ‘Friday Night’
5. ‘When You Were Mine’
6. ‘Cold As Stone’
7. ‘Singing Me Home’
8. ‘Wanted You More’
9. ‘As You Turn Away’
10. ‘Love I’ve Found in You’
11. ‘Somewhere Love Remains’
12. ‘Heart of the World’


Don’t Miss: Somewhere Love Remains


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Jake Owen – Barefoot Blue Jean Night Review

Posted on 07 September 2011 by editor

Jake Owen Photo:Wikipedia

Jake Owen is out really working hard to promote his new country songs.    We just spotted him branding himself nicely on Good Morning America wearing Bluejeans… in bare feet.    His new single -Barefoot Blue Jean Night –  is the title track from Jake Owen’s third full album with legendary RCA Records.

Things seem to be going in the right direction.  Owen pulled in a new producer the follow up to 2009’s “Easy Does It” and there is a fresh breeze of new sounds to go along with Owen’s rich voice.
The first track, Anywhere With You, starts country cliche (double wides!) but rolls into a fun romp.
The song “Keepin it Country” is a bit vanilla and again a bit cliche but the rest of the tracks really begin to get a great vibe.

Barefoot Blue Jean Night jumps out of the speakers at the very first listen.
Apple Pie Moon Shine is a dead on fun medium tempo singalong.  If released as a single it could be Owen’s “Big Green Tractor” (multi-week number one for Jason Aldean).  Perfect for radio.
Journey of Your Life is due to end up as someone’s favorite just for the somber sentimentality and deliberate solid songwriting.Jake Owen
Setting the World on Fire has a nice Bob Seger vibe… and another party starter is sure to be Nobody Feelin’ No Pain as Jake relays a hotel romp that many fans can relate to.

In all, Barefoot Blue Jean Night is a sturdy representation of the new sounds in country music.    Steeped with a bit of Jake’s twangy baritone it FEELS country and the production values on the mix is really fresh sounding.

Oveall Grade:  B+   Core fans will have plenty to sing – and party – along with.

Download: The singalong title track plus Apple Pie Moonshine

Delete: Referencing country double wides in the opening track Anywhere with You.


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