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Taylor Swift CD Review – Fearless

Posted on 12 November 2008 by Bill West

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You can think of Taylor Swift like the next Garth Brooks… only Garth as a cute blond teen that is a master of new media. In fact a lot of people are comparing her people skills to Garth’s lately. She’s incredibly charming and it’s something that you just can’t fake.

This week Swift release her sophomore cd release (no – not sophomore as in College or High school project). Fearless will surely find a big audience in a world of decreasing physical CD sales. The CD is a good mix of Swifts signature pop leaning girly – crush on boys that breakup up with you -themed writing. Props to Swift for again writing everything on the disk.

The single “Love Story” has done it’s job of ringing the #1 radio bell and laying the groundwork for an incredible launch week. Other highlights so fa include yesterday’s appearance on the Ellen show where she sang TWO great songs and then dished on her Jonas Brother’s breakup via cell phone. “27 seconds That has to be some kind of record.” She said. It’s appearances like that pours gasoline on the fire that is her showbiz status. She doesn’t belong to just country anymore… I bet Disney wants a piece of her.

Swift says check out the song “Forever and Always” for insight on the Jonas situation. She says she wrote it last minute as the relationship was melting down and got it added to Fearless just before release. No doubt the girls will eat it up.

In the event of unimpressive first week cart numbers don’t be fooled… the biz is changing. She owns Myspace this week and her power fans have iPods (but do the crave physical liner notes – and that brilliant Mosaic poster!) Unlike in the Garth era of 90’s the sales success for Swift’s Fearless will likely be proven in the online sales arena.

Hear more Taylor on Taylor Swift - Fearless.

OVERALL GRADE: B (A+ for marketing)
DON’T MISS: The Best Day -a love letter to her Mom. Inspiring to see such a successful kid paying such respect to her parents.

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