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CD Preview: Lucky Old Sun – Kenny Chesney

Posted on 13 October 2008 by Bill West

Nashville should be excited this week. Kenny Chesney releases his new CD Lucky Old Sun and the slumping industry needs a good story somewhere. Kenny is one of the few sure bets to ring registers ad make on-line sales to the tune of some two hundred thousand copies in the first week. Those numbers are getting harder and harder to hit as record stores disappear and the whole world goes digital.

Lucky Old Sun plays like a sequel to Kenny’s previous specialty project “Be As You Are” that featured all island vibe music. That was a CD that was primarily written by Chesney but was not targeted to radio… in fact there was never a single released. Lucky Old Sun is Different in that regard; there’s another smash single “Everybody Want’s To GoTo Heaven” leading the grand processional to album release and it should be another multiple week number one.

Be As You Are was considered sort of an experiment and released as such (but had mainstream sales success). Sun is far from a mainstream or traditional sounding country record even by Chesney’s standards. Tropical country is what he does. The only fear may be that radio willroll thier eyes at another country song with more steel drums than steel guitar.

Still, “Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven” has such a Caribbean sound that many are surprised it was ever a radio single let alone the lead single. Turns out to be a perfect song for Chesney hitting his island theme in a different very mainstream country sing along kinda way. The Wailers make an appearance on the album track.

This album also features three notable guest appearances. Dave Matthews on the very mainstream radio / pop sounding “I’m Alive.” Mac McAnally (fans know him for penning concert favorite “Back Where I Come From”) joins in on his “Down The Road.” And Willie Nelson shows up for the title track.

The liner notes are a good set up for songs like “Way Down Here” where he writes, “Knoxville for Christmas Eve with my family was nice but I was just mentally miserable from the year I had, personally and emotionally.”

Try to pick up the Lucky Old Sun “Deluxe Fan Pack” version of the CD before it sells out. Fans can get it cheaper than the standard version that will be released a week later. Fan pack includes a special contest, exclusive videos and the extras:

1. Boston (Live)
2. Got A Little Crazy (Live)
3. Soul Of A Sailor (Live)
4. Guitars And Tiki Bars (Live)

• The signature Pirate Opening from Kenny’s 2008 Poets & Pirates Tour
• The “Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven” full length video

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If you liked “Be As You Are; Songs From an Old Blue Chair” (the chair makes an appearance on the back cover) you’ll like Lucky Old Sun too.

“Ten With A Two” – This could be a radio hit with a laugh out loud punchline. Surprisng no one came up with this song before.

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