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CD Review: Eagles Long Road Out Of Eden

Posted on 29 October 2007 by Bill West

If you’re going to wait 28 years between studio recordings you better make it good. The Eagles knock it out of the park with their new double disk CD “Long Road Out Of Eden” in stores (albeit only Walmart stores) now.

I’m not sure what makes the project so right. I don’t remember “Hell Freezes Over” sounding as good (although the surrounding hype was strong back in 1994.) It may just be the right time. Some of the pleasure listening track to track is simply nostalgia for that simpler time of vinyl records, no internet and radio without such strict formats. Maybe the songs are just that good.

Almost all the tracks sound somehow familiar beginning with the opening track “No More Walks In the Woods” which is bravely acapella. A smart choice to showcase their signature vocals as a group right from the start.

Country music seems to be the current niche the band falls into. With many current based country stations branching out into some 70’s rock cuts the timing was right to release their cover of JD Souther’s “How Long” from 1972. It works and the single is on it’s way to being a genuine hit.

There’s a lot of meat on the 2 disks and everyone (Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Timothy B. Schmit and Joe Walsh are all in strong form) gets to shine. Frey makes me almost forget “The Heat Is On” when I hear stuff like “You are Not Alone,” Walsh is strong on “Guilty of the Crime,” and Henley shines throughout.

There’s something for everyone here. I would venture to bet hard core Eagles fans will love it. Side line fans will savor some memories by listening to the familiar vibe, and some new generations of music fans may just discover some new gems.

It’s a nice reminder that the 70’s music scene was not all about disco. Bonus: the website hints at a possible tour.

Overall Grade: A (even casual fans will like this collection).

Don’t miss: “Busy Being Fabulous” It’s a fun – not too serious – tune that just has a classic feel with a strong Henly lead and lyrics like “You’ve always been the life of the party but now my baby the joke is on you…”

Fast Forward: through the bland instrumental “I Dreamed There Was No War.”

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