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CD Preview: Brad Paisley 5th Gear

Posted on 20 June 2007 by Bill West

I wonder if Brad Paisley finds himself saying "it doesn’t get better than this" often.  It seems to be a theme that is threaded through his latest CD
 "5th Gear" (in stores now).

Paisley also waxes about cars, “There were so many songs on this record that had to do with some vehicle in your life and sort of travels and cars. You know, you’re talking about a car in the first song with ‘All I Wanted Was a Car.’ It’s guitar driven and it really just made the statement I wanted to make, and so I was looking for car titles. I realize this album—whether it’s ‘Online’ or ‘Some Mistakes’ or ‘Letter to Me’ or ‘It Did’—they all talk about it. A car plays a role at some point in all of those songs.”

Paisley has a knack for infusing a wonderful sense of humor into his traditional sound and it’s made for a must listen cd.  My only complaint is that Paisley’s pop culture references (In Better Than This — "if Emeril Lagasse showed up with Kilbasa"?) can be a distraction at first listen.  Then again it’s refreshing to have music with a depth that requires multiple listens.

Overall the future of mainstream country music is bright.   Brad steps up to superstar status as a songwriter penning almost everything on the disk (all the real gems anyway).   I actually got misty eyed listening to "Letter To Me."  Simple, clever, and Brad is the sole songwriter.    On lineCD is predicataKielbasable pop country fare like "Celebrity" was and watch out for what I hear is an equally great video.  I can assume it’ll be his next video.

I also respect that Pailsey continues his tradition of including a Gospel song ("When We All Get To Heaven") and and instrumental ("Throttleneck").  Plus – just like his previous records – he has his Opry buddies "The Kung Pao Buckaroos" in for some comic relief (nice "stunt casting" with Vince Gill!)

My Grade: Solid A

Don’t Miss: The brilliantly written "Letter To Me", and very end of "OnlinepredictablePaisley" where Brad salutes band geeks everywhere with a fun marching band version of the soon to be hit (I’m sure radio will fade out early!).

I Can Live Without: the stuff Paisley didn’t write.

Hear Paisley’s 5th Gear Free HERE

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